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Suggested Reading
Shine Bright

Explore space with your little ones as you read about the stars and our universe. These books shine as bright as the sun!

Space Out

Houston, we have a problem! What if space was the only place you knew? Space out with these (inter)stellar YA books, taking place all over the universe.

80 Years of Batman

Celebrating 80 years of DC's Detective Comics which first introduced the popular character Batman back in 1939. This list collects some of the Dark Knight most memor ...
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Out of This World

Travel as far as the sun and as close as the moon, these children's books will take you around the universe. From nonfiction to fiction, these space books are out of this world!

What's Your Sign? Aries

Strengths: Adventurous, courageous,enthusiastic, confident, quick-wittedLikes: Being in charge, physical challenges, competitionDislikes: Inactivity, being late, res ...
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What's Your Sign? Taurus

Strengths: Patient, reliable, warmhearted, devoted, determinedLikes: Gardening, cooking, workingwith their hands, rich/gourmet foodDislikes: Sudden change, insecurit ...
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Among the Stars

What if there is life on another planet? There are infinite possibilities of what the universe holds. You never know what you'll find, as you read these books among the stars!

What's Your Sign? Gemini

Strengths: Versatile, expressive, witty,intellectual, curiousLikes: Music, books, talking, fashiontrendsDislikes: Being alone, repetition, being confined,silenceDate range: May 21–June 20

What's Your Sign? Cancer

Strengths: Imaginative, emotional,intuitive, cautious, persuasiveLikes: Art, close friends and family,being at homeDislikes: Strangers, revealing information aboutth ...
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What's Your Sign? Leo

Strengths: Generous, creative, enthusiastic, faithful, humorousLikes: Being admired, bright colors,spending time with friendsDislikes: Being ignored or alone, goodby ...
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What's Your Sign? Virgo

Strengths: Modest, meticulous, reliable, intelligent, analyticalLikes: Animals, reading, nature,cleanlinessDislikes: Rudeness, bragging, asking for helpDate range: August 23–September 22

What's Your Sign? Libra

Strengths: Diplomatic, social, easygoing, fair-minded, cooperativeLikes: Harmony and balance, sharing, being outdoors, poetryDislikes: Conflict, injustice, conformin ...
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What's Your Sign? Scorpio

Strengths: Determined, resourceful,brave, powerful, passionateLikes: Truth, being right, longtimefriendsDislikes: Dishonesty, personal questions, peoplewho are passi ...
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What's Your Sign? Sagittarius

Strengths: Optimistic, honest, idealistic, great sense of humorLikes: Freedom, travel, being outdoors, daresDislikes: Details, people who are clingy, beingconstraine ...
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What's Your Sign? Capricorn

Strengths: Practical, disciplined,patient, responsible, reservedLikes: Tradition, family, music, honestyDislikes: Compromise, nosy questions, quitting,doing somethin ...
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What's Your Sign? Aquarius

Strengths: Humanitarian, independent, friendly, loyal, intellectualLikes: Helping others, fighting for acause, intellectual conversationDislikes: Limitations, people ...
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What's Your Sign? Pisces

Strengths: Imaginative, sensitive,compassionate, artistic, generousLikes: Music, communication,dancingDislikes: Being criticized, people who think theyknow it all, i ...
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