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Poor Unfortunate Soul A Tale Of The Sea Witch
by Serena Valentino

This book poor unfortunate souls was good. it was a bit confusing at times because the author didn't clearly state who Circe was and didn't explain what some sisters and a nanny had to do with the story.But overall it was a good book explaining the back story o f the sea witch.

What Not To Do If You Turn Invisible
by Ross Welford

This book is about how a girl, Ethel, when trying to cure her acne by using an obscure Chinese medicine she bought online and an outdated tanning bed, makes herself invisible. Over the course of the story, Ethel , along with her friend Boydy, get into trouble every time she decides to become invisible, and learns her true identity. The book was a little too crazy and dramatic, but overall, it was a good story.

The Unteachables
by Gordon Korman

This book is about how a group of kids, declared to be so unteachable, they are separated from the rest of the school, and their teacher, Mr. Kermit, who wants to retire early at the end of the school year, and the story of how their lives are changed for the better. Hilarious, witty, and inspiring, this is one of Korman's most enjoyable books.

What If
by Randall Munroe

Perfect! Absolutely exquisite and humorous writing, perfect for anyone who loves XKCD or anyone that wants a good laugh. Very specific, scientific answers to extremely stupid, hypothetical questions such as "What if you pitched a baseball at 90% the speed of light?" and "Can you make a jetpack out of downward-firing machine guns?" Highly recommend.

Girl Made Of Stars
by Ashley Herring Blake

Yet again, Girl Made of Stars is a book that will make you evaluate whether you cry really easily or if you just have great taste in books. That said, this book’s portrayal of the worst kind of awkward situation is gut wrenching and makes you lose some of your hope for humanity. This isn’t an uplifting tale of feminism and jerks getting what’s coming to them. I’d recommend Moxie, by Jennifer Mathieu, if that’s what you’re looking for. This is a book that shows you the dregs of the society that we live in and says, “so what are you gonna do?”. Regardless of the depressing themes of the book, the friendships and unknown depths portrayed in people will restore some of your lost hope, and bring some light to a dark situation. In between the tears, Blake has a way with words and sprinkling in just enough corny moments to keep the book entertaining and not just plain depressing. I’d recommend this book to someone who wants a few tears and to really feel the emotions, but not someone looking to sob.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones
by Scott Cawthon

I normally do not like murder mystery stories, but add a few bloodthirsty animatronics to the mix and I'll take it! This was a very interesting book with strong characters and plot. It was sort of gross, and there was a big cliffhanger that drove me insane, but overall a very awesome book.

The Story Behind Bread
by Elizabeth Raum

This was a nice book for people that like eating bread and want to know more about it. I especially liked learning about traditions involving bread in different parts of the world.

by Daniel Pinkwater

Classic Daniel Pinkwater! Reminiscent of "Alice in Wonderland" (couldn't italicize or underline, sorry). Very funny and clever humor.

The Rifle
by Gary Paulsen

Read for book club, interesting book. Not much plot development, some sections of the book are rather irrelevant, but overall an okay fiction about gun safety in America.

A Dogs Purpose
by W. Bruce Cameron

I really enjoyed this book! It is about a dog going through many lives to find it's purpose.So if you like dogs you would like this one
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